K&C Diving

K&C Diving was founded in 2009 as a diving company located in the port of Antwerp. Highly specialized in supplying underwater works for civil and hydrological projects

As a diving company we are experts in the execution of port and waterway infrastructure-related diving work. Due to our vast experience and technical knowledge in the field of locks and quay walls, K&C Diving is among the market leaders in Belgium and Europe regarding technical know-how.

To be provided with the best expert advice it is always possible to contact our consultancy department. 

Furthermore, K&C Diving became the Belgian partner of the "Waterfront Brigade" since 2017. By utilizing STOPAQ products from the Seal for Life product range, we can achieve very high performance coatings both under water (splash zone) as well as above water. Complex structures and / or coating problems can be solved by adequate solutions.

As a specialist in engineering works K&C Diving is the only dive company in Europe with the necessary training certificates for performing underwater demolition, using pyrotechnical cartridges. We are the exclusive distributor for the AutoStem products. These pyrotechnical cartridges are extremely suitable for breaking concrete and rock formations which are difficult to reach by traditional material or for civil areas. In addition, the cartridges have great advantages over traditional explosives such as the lack of a shockwave. The cartridges can of course also be used for projects above water.

Since 2013 we have been operational in West-Africa. A subsidiary company, K&C Diving Ghana Ltd., was founded to expand our presence in this region. It is based in the Ghanaian port town of Tema and will serve as our headquarters for all West African operations. Furthermore we have established a new branch in Lomé (Togo) in October 2016. 

In addition to performing underwater works in construction projects, K&C Diving is both nationally and internationally involved in conducting salvage missions

In the beginning of 2016 we also established a new shipping department  which can perform, from the headquarters in the port of Antwerp as well as in West Africa, underwater works on ships, barges and any other sailing material. 

In addition, K&C Diving is also active in managing, damming and cleaning up oil pollution (oil spill management). 

A broader overview of our range of activities can be found in the projects section.

K&C Construct

K&C Construct is the commercial name of our steel division in which we produce small and medium-sized steel structures. We specialise in custom work which is often intended for use and assembly in hydrological projects. The department is particularly praised for its unprecedented flexibility and production speed. The execution of welding-, burning- and assembly work on site is also one of the possibilities. 

K&C Construct also specialises in the development and production of highly specific diving equipment and tools for underwater use. A collaboration with the product development department of the University of Antwerp has been launched for this specific purpose. 

In the projects section you will find a broader review of what we have to offer.