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K&C Diving is the perfect partner for efficient management and execution of underwater civil engineering projects. Almost any work carried out above the waterline can be carried out by K&C Diving below the waterline. It has both the means and the people for these types of works. Our objective? Completing projects to a high standard, within the agreed timeframe, and making the client happy!

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These types of underwater civil engineering projects are in safe hands with K&C Diving:

  • Preparation, design and support for underwater civil engineering works
  • Assistance with coffer dams during excavation
  • Preparation of coffer dams for pouring concrete: measuring, levelling, sludge vacuuming and cleaning of floors, (dam) walls/piling, grout anchors and piles
  • Supply, application and pouring of underwater concrete. K&C Diving has designed its own float system for more accurate pouring of concrete up to the desired level.
  • Clamping of anchors
  • Earthmoving, small-scale dredging, installation of pumps
  • Suctioning of sediment
  • Soil stabilisation and ground improvements
  • Repairs to foundations
  • Injecting leakages in concrete and dam wall/piling constructions
  • Injecting and processing of epoxy and cement mortars
  • Coring up to 1500mm
  • Underwater inspections Photo (visual, photo and video) and reporting on diving activities carried out
  • Application of underwater coatings
  • Assembly works, installation of constructions
  • Underwater flame cutting, welding and drilling
  • Demolition of wood, concrete and steel constructions
  • Underwater chainsaw work with adapted hydraulic chainsaws for creating rectangular or square apertures in concrete constructions.
  • Sewage works - cleaning of settling tanks in water treatment facilities
  • Renovations works to water treatments plants
  • High-pressure cleaning of cooling water systems, grids and grates, and constructions
  • Underwater sampling and measurements (with GPS)

Diving in contaminated environments

K&C Diving possesses specific expertise for diving activities in contaminated or hyperthermic environments, both for government organisations and for private companies. K&C Diving has special equipment at its disposal for underwater works in - for example - water treatment facilities, sewers and waste water reservoirs.

If diving in sludge buffer tanks is required, K&C Diving can even offer a ready-made solution that eliminates the need for shut-down of installations that generate biogas via fermentation. Thanks to a unique system of our own design, the divers are able to work comfortably, even in these hyperthermic conditions.

Our divers’ certification

The technical skills, financial strength and professional integrity of K&C Diving is certified by the federal accreditation committee. The professional diving company has obtained the following accreditations as a works contractor:

  • Maritime engineering work: Category B - class 4
  • Subcategory A1 - raising/lifting vessels – class 3
  • Subcategory F1 – assembly and disassembly only of support structures – class 3
  • Subcategory F2 - construction of metal structures - class 4
  • Subcategory V1 - installations for water treatment - provisional accreditation - class 1


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