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When it is best that repairs or adaptations to installations are carried out on location, K&C Diving can also offer on-site machining, saving you time and money.

Some repairs or adaptations to installations are best carried out on site. This is the case if transport of the installation is very expensive or impossible for practical reasons. K&C Diving offers a machining service on location (on-site machining). The advantages of a fully equipped workshop, but at your location. This service saves you time and money.

On site machining duiker  Duikers verstevigen pijpleiding  Duikers met pijpleiding
K&C Diving can carry out the following underwater works on location:

  • Flange renovation (Flange facing): machining of flange surfaces and other types of connections between pipelines and drums. This involves the repair of surfaces that are damaged as a result of contact with other parts, corrosion, erosion, or leakages.

  • Drilling: when it is not possible to move the surface that requires drilling (underwater pipelines, fixed underwater installations). In on-site drilling work, the machine is attached to the end of the fixed shaft, or clamped.

  • Milling: milling work is carried out under water to create apertures and/or windows in metal structures. An on-site milling machine is used to create a smooth surface on metal structures. It is also possible to mill the inside of hollow metal structures (various pipes).

  • Slicing: Instead of flame cutting using Broco or PVL, we can also cut or slice pipes and posts using cutting equipment installed on site. These techniques create a nicely finished cut plane where necessary.

  • Spark machining: this technique allows us to use electrophoresis to drill round, square, or any shape aperture in metallic materials. Moreover, this technique can also be carried out under water.      

K&C Diving always supplies customised solutions, so that your installations remain in the best possible condition. The professional divers-engineers are trained to complete these works in a safe and efficient manner. Would you also like to save time and money by having your installations adapted or repaired in site? Contact K&C Diving to find out more about this service.


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