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Painting and conservation of underwater infrastructure using drying-out installations (caissons) is a time-consuming and costly activity. It is often faster and cheaper to paint under water. K&C Coating can help, thanks to the collaboration with MIPC, experts in the field of Marine & Industrial Protective Coating Solutions.

  • A first phase will see a Coating Assessment. What needs to be conserved? What is the condition of the substrate? How long should the infrastructure be protected? Are there any specific worries? Based on the above, you will receive a general overview of your coating project, taking into account parameters such as cost, safety and possible installation downtime. This will form the principle for the development of the most suitable solution for your project.
  • Together with the MIPC experts (with 30 years of experience with these types of projects), the best possible mix, specification and application method of the available products is devised. We always strive for a the most advantageous solution, both in terms of cost and application time.
  • The proposed solution is tested in circumstances that mimic the actual situation as closely as possible: any pre-treatments of the substrate to be coated, the expected temperatures, visibility and water quality, ... After a positive test, the solution is proposed in detail in a project plan with cost budget and timeline.

  Duiker brengt verf aan met systeem Duiker in water aan boot Onderwater verven 

What can be painted under water?

  • all objects and infrastructure made from structured steel
  • existing sheet piling, installations, infrastructure, ...

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