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STOPAQ underwater coatings: minimum 30 years of protection of your infrastructure against corrosion, water and insulation issues.

The pastes and wrapping tapes by STOPAQ are made from a unique and patented visco-elastic material with liquid-like properties. This characteristic means that STOPAQ evens out the entire area of application, including the microscopically small ridges and pitting. As a result, water (vapour) and oxygen no longer come into contact with the substrate and corrosion is prevented.

The STOPAQ system is maintenance free and completely seals a surface to protect from oxygen, moisture, bacteria and AC/DC leakage currents. STOPAQ offer a product guarantee of no less than 30 years!

STOPAQ properties explained

  • The primary layer of a STOPAQ coating consists of a completely amorphous, non-cross-linked and nonpolar polymer that once applied, becomes completely impenetrable. This means that STOPAQ does not let elements through that cause corrosion: water (vapour), oxygen or bacteria.
    Unlike conventional coatings, STOPAQ has liquid-like properties, which fill each unevenness in the treated surface. Even miniscule cracks, ridges or pitting. The coated structure is guaranteed to stay corrosion-free. What’s more, the liquid-like properties of STOPAQ are retained over time. This is why you can trust in the product guarantee of no less than 30 years!
  • Due to permanent molecular adhesion, STOPAQ offers superior adhesion to any surface, in work environments from -45°C to 95°C.
  • Isobutylene, the base material of STOPAQ, is a chemically inert and non-toxic substance. It means that no harmful substances are released; not during application, nor after coating. As a result, STOPAQ is the most environmentally friendly anti-corrosion protective system in the world.


  • STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND is a monolithic coating in wrap form. Anything that can be manually wrapped and covered, can be protected using this method. Piping and tubing, connections, flanges and couplings, ... The STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND is very versatile.
  • The alternative for structures or objects that cannot be wrapped, is STOPAQ PASTE, a kneadable product. The STOPAQ PASTE can also be applied in such a way that the object or structure becomes suitable for wrapping. This way, it could be wrapped using STOPAQ OUTERWRAP, which provides an extra mechanical protective layer.

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Coating with STOPAQ

  • The first step must include a limited surface treatment in accordance with ST2 standards. This treatment strips the relevant surface of visible oils, grease and dirt. Any loose mill scale, corroded paint layers and foreign material is removed. A brief manual pre-treatment (with light electrical equipment or pressure washer) usually suffices.
  • After this, the 2 or 3 layers of STOPAQ corrosion protection are applied, with various materials.

Various STOPAQ materials, depending on the surface to be protected.

  • Wrappable objects such as couplings, flanges, piping, pipe connections, ...
    For use below the waterline, STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND SZ (Splash Zone) is utilised. This is a versatile monolithic coating in wrap form. It can be used for the protection of chemical and other installations up to 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Non-wrappable objects such as valves, bolts, nuts, manholes, flanges, ...
    Non-circular objects can be prepared with STOPAQ PASTE SZ. This paste must be applied to flanges first, for example. Once covered in paste, the flange can be wrapped using the STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND SZ.
  • Piles and support posts in water:
    In order to give piles and support posts maximum protection against corrosion, STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND SZ WATER-WIND is used. This wrapping tape guarantees complete adhesion to the surface as it absorbs 20% water during application. After the structure is coated with STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND SZ WATER-WIND, 2 more mechanical protective layers are added (OUTERWRAP and OUTERGLASS SHIELD XT). The combination of these three layers will protect the infrastructure against corrosion for 30 years.

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