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Does your infrastructure urgently require protection from a technical paint coating? K&C Coating can offer ready-made solutions, thanks to the collaboration with MIPC, experts in the field of Marine & Industrial Protective Coating Solutions.

We start each project with a Coating Assessment: We map the main points, and use those for an optimised recovery system. What needs to be conserved? What is the condition of the substrate to be treated? How long should the protection be effective? Are there any special points for attention? Based on the assessment, you will receive a general overview of your coating project, taking into account cost, safety and possible installation downtime. This will form the basis for the development of the most suitable solution for your project.

Together with the MIPC experts (with 30 years of experience with these types of projects), the best possible mix, specification and application method of the available products is devised. The proposed solution will always be the most advantageous in terms of cost and application time.

The proposed solution is also subjected to a ‘real life test’ in circumstances that mimic the actual situation as closely as possible: any pre-treatments of the substrate to be coated, the expected temperatures, visibility and water quality, ... If the results are positive, the solution is proposed in detail in a project plan with cost budget and timeline.

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Our paint systems:

  • can be applied in damp surroundings
  • require only minimal pre-treatment of the surface to be protected
  • can be applied over almost any existing paint system
  • are guaranteed products that are industry accredited
  • offer an exceptionally long expected service life thanks to the high resistance to chemicals and UV
  • Can be applied using airless, roller or brush, and without the addition of solvents.
  • Can be applied to surfaces with temperatures between 5°C and 150°C
  • Guarantee safe working in renovation works, as the systems are free of solvents
  • Minimise downtime during your production process.

Our quality control:

Our quality control team is made up of 2 NACE CIP level 2 inspectors who help map the points for attention, which are then included in a list of priorities. These inspectors have ample experience, gained in the processing and marine sectors. Furthermore, each project is supported by a coordinator who will keep you updated on the status of your project. An end report is drafted, presented and discussed after each project.

What can be painted above water?

  • all objects and infrastructure made from structured steel, installations, infrastructure, pipelines, ...

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