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STOPAQ: 30 years of protection for your infrastructure against corrosion, water and insulation issues

STOPAQ is a unique and patented system of pastes and wrapping tapes. The visco-elastic material behaves like a liquid, so that each uneven patch on the treated surface is completely filled. Even small ridges and pitting that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It completely seals the treated surface from water (vapour), oxygen, bacteria and AC/DC currents, so no corrosion can occur.

STOPAQ properties explained

  • STOPAQ is not like conventional coatings. The basis of the STOPAQ coating consists of an amorphous, nonpolar polymer compound. As the material moves like a liquid, it can even fill the smallest cracks and ridges. The product is maintenance free. What’s more, the liquid-like properties withstand the test of time. This means the product is maintenance free, and the corrosion-free results can be guaranteed for at least 30 years!
  • STOPAQ has superior adhesion to any surface, and even in extreme temperatures (from -45° to 95° Celsius). This is thanks to STOPAQ’s permanent molecular adhesion.
  • STOPAQ is the most environmentally friendly anti-corrosion system in the world. As the base material in STOPAQ (Isobutylene) is a chemically inert and non-toxic substance, it does not release harmful substances. Not during application, nor after coating.

STOPAQ aanbrengen pijpleiding  Gecoate leiding met STOPAQ  Tank coaten met STOPAQ


  • STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND is a versatile, monolithic coating that can be wound around objects or structures. Piping, connections, flanges and couplings, ... everything can be wrapped using STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND.
  • As it is kneadable, STOPAQ PASTE can be used for structures or objects that cannot be wrapped. After applying the paste, the object or structure is suitable for wrapping. This way, it could be wrapped using STOPAQ OUTERWRAP, and possibly and extra mechanical protective layer.

Different STOPAQ materials for different surfaces

  • Wrappable objects (couplings, flanges, piping, pipe connections, ...)
    STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND can be used under water. This versatile monolithic coating in wrap form is ideal for the protection of chemical and other installations up to 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Non-wrappable objects (valves, bolts, nuts, manholes, flanges, ...)
    STOPAQ PASTE is recommended for non-circular objects. For example: flanges. The paste is applied to flanges first. The paste makes the flange wrappable, so that a layer of STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND can be applied.
  • Piles and support posts:
    STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND CZ optimally protects support posts and piles against corrosion. After treatment with the STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND CZ, 2 mechanical protective layers can be applied (OUTERWRAP en OUTERGLASS SHIELD XT). These 3 layers together protect the material against corrosion for 30 years.

What can STOPAQ protect above the waterline?

  • Flanges, pipelines, manholes and valves. By combining STOPAQ PASTE & WRAPPINGBAND CZ (HT) and a mechanical OUTERWRAP, the installations are protected against corrosion for the duration of their service life.
  • T, Y and Z connections in pipes and steelwork. These critical areas are also very complex structures. Durable protection is possible nonetheless, thanks to the elasticity of the STOPAQ products.
  • Condensing pipes. By coating these pipes with the STOPAQ WRAPPINGBAND CL, the moisture production is absorbed during wrapping, so that complete adhesion can be guaranteed, unlike in traditional curing coatings.

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