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Date: May 2018

Project duration: 4 months

Location: Nuclear Power Plant Doel

Division: K&C Coating

Project type: Port- and waterway infrastructure, Coating, sealing & repair

Commissioned by Kerncentrale Doel and with Herbosch-Kiere as contractor, K&C Diving realized an extensive coating project at the water intake of the Doel 1 & 2 nuclear power stations. The large tidal activity at this location in the Scheldt (twice a day to more than 5m difference in water level between low and high tides) meant that this project could not possibly be realized with traditional painting systems and deemed this project as a real challenge. The splash zone involved a height that exceeded the five meters as well. K&C Diving realized the project by using visco-elastic Stopaq coating that is applied to both dry and wet piles and is also used under water. The piles were treated from the top to below the corroded zone (1 to 2m under low water level). The conserved heights varied between 7 and 12 m. As an additional advantage to prevent water pollution K&C Diving offered to remove the corrosion on the dull-dale structures with ultra-high water pressure cleaning. By using an appropriate combination of Stopaq visco-elastic wrapping bands and "outerwrap", K&C Diving has achieved a sustainable protection of the installations.

For coating of the steel profiles, which connect the poles above water, we called on our partner MIPC, who specialize in the application of technical coatings.

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