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Underwater solutions to build on

  • Responsibility & safety

    Responsibility & safety

    We take our responsibility for our team members very seriously and we always look out for one another. K&C Diving invests in the safety and wellbeing of its people, so that they become dedicated, loyal and responsible team members. In turn, this translates into better service for our clients.

  • Flexible & proactive

    Flexible & proactive

    K&C Diving has a flexible attitude and is involved in the client’s vision. An approach the client hadn’t thought of? A better or more cost-effective solution than planned? It’s nothing new for K&C Diving. After all, our starting point is continuous fulfilment of our clients’ needs!

  • Expertise and reliability

    Expertise and reliability

    K&C Diving is solution-oriented. The skilful team members utilise their experience and knowledge to the client’s advantage. A suitable approach is developed for each new challenge. It means that K&C Diving can guarantee correct implementation, within budget and on time, for every project.

K&C Diving stands for safety, quality and environment

K&C Diving stands for high-quality work with respect for the safety of all those involved and for the environment.
All works are carried out in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

  • The Coating Division of the diving company protects underwater and above-surface infrastructure from corrosion, leakage and damage with high-quality coatings.

    In addition, K&C Diving is the only diving company in Europe to possess the required certificates for the use of pyrotechnical cartridges for underwater demolition. Concrete and rock formations are easier to break thanks to this shock and sound absorbing technique.
    The divers from K&C Diving are also tasked with the following:

    • On Site machining: (underwater) repairs and improvements to installations via on-site machining operations.
    • Shipping: maintenance and repairs to vessels, pontoons and other floating equipment.
    • Salvage assignments of vessels and other objects, and containment (damming/booming) and clearing oil pollution.


  • The site supervisor and 30 divers at K&C Diving have years of experience in the development and implementation of efficient solutions. They are renowned for their expert approach, even in technically complex projects. After dozens of successful projects for port and waterway infrastructure, K&C Diving’s expertise is widely recognised.

    The diving company is also creating waves in underwater construction/civil engineering. Almost any work you can imagine above the waterline can be carried out by K&C Diving below the waterline. The company provides diving services for the new construction of underwater structures, or maintenance of existing structures.

    The K&C Diving consultancy department can offer a wealth of advice for those needing help with the realisation of underwater projects. With K&C Construct, the diving company can also offer an in-house steel department. This department designs and supplies customised solutions for maritime engineering assignments, and can also carry out welding, flame cutting and assembly works on site.


The high-quality coatings by K&C Coating offer protection to installations and infrastructure by making them corrosion-free and/or resistant to chemicals. It helps your installations, both above and below the water line, to remain operational and it eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming renovations. 

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Recent projects K&C Diving

  • International projects in West Africa

    International projects in West Africa

    K&C Diving has been operational in West Africa since 2013. What started as a small intervention in Nigeria, rapidly grew into a permanent presence in the region, with offices in Ghana an Togo.

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  • Renovation Vandamme lock Zeebruges

    Renovation Vandamme lock Zeebruges

    At the beginning of 2018 Jan De Nul started a project that involved a complete renovation of door 4 of the Vandamme lock in Zeebrugge. K&C Diving provides all diving assistance during the entire project.

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  • Conserving piles at Nuclear Power Plant Doel

    Conserving piles at Nuclear Power Plant Doel

    Commissioned by Kerncentrale Doel and with Herbosch-Kiere as contractor, K&C Diving realized an extensive coating project at the water intake of the Doel 1 & 2 nuclear power stations. The large tidal activity at this location in the Scheldt meant that this project could not possibly be realized with traditional painting systems and deemed this project as a real challenge.

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Our clients

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What our clients say

  • “K&C Diving is a loyal, hands-on partner and we enjoy working with them”

    Dirk De Clerck - Operational Director at Herbosch-Kiere

    In 2012, when I still worked for my previous employer, I was looking for a diving company with a proactive approach. I came across K&C Diving. During our first project together, Graandok, we encountered a series of unforeseen issues. K&C Diving dealt with these challenges in a very professional manner.

    I have been working with them closely ever since. K&C Diving is a reliable partner without pretentions: from planning right up to invoicing, everything is always in order. Their courage to anticipate is their strength. For this reason, we always involve them in the preparation of any work. K&C Diving is a hands-on diving company that has a no-nonsense attitude and knows the value of collaboration.

    Herbosch-Kiere is specialised in port, river and maritime work. This includes the demolition and construction of quay walls, bridges, locks/floodgates, piers/jetties, and dredging and salvage operations.

  • "K&C Diving has an inventive and flexible approach that ensures we are always happy with the end results!”

    Tom Van Autgaerden - Maritime Infrastructure Manager at the Antwerp Port Authority

    K&C Diving and the ‘Antwerp Port Authority’ have a long history together. A collaboration that reflects flexibility. Agreements are always kept and we can even count on them during the weekends. Sometimes unexpected situations arise during assignments such as mending holes in sheet pile walls.

    K&C Diving always responds in an inventive and professional manner in case of emergencies. They also correctly communicate the financial implications of unforeseen circumstances at all times, which is reassuring and creates trust. When I look at any printed material, I can see that the quality of the underwater work is excellent: everything is always immaculate and in order. We are definitely a satisfied customer!

    The Maritime Infrastructure department at the Antwerp Port Authority manages and maintains the docks, bridges, locks/floodgates, quay walls and grounds around the port area. It is also responsible for smooth and safe shipping traffic in the Antwerp port area.