Salvage mission Stier tug boat

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Port Of Antwerp - Left Bank
K&C Diving International
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K&C Diving was contracted to carry out diving works for the salvage mission of the Stier tug boat.

Through our years of experience in performing all kinds of salvages, both in Belgium and in West Africa (Ghana and Nigeria) we had more than enough expertise to realize the storage of the Stier in a very short time.

In less than one day the ship was salvaged.

K&C Diving has often been asked to provide diving assistance in carrying out salvage work of all kinds. It is not just sunken ships or other moving equipment that needs salvaging. In many cases, salvage missions are also required by works to increase the draught of waterways, to remove wrecks of cars, containers, industrial equipment, old dolphins, broken or damaged piles or, as we have done ourselves, remove large objects such as a foot pile of an oil rig.