Coating Piles with STOPAQ

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Vesta Terminal, Haven van Antwerpen
K&C Diving Belgium
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Port Infrastructure

Based in client inspections a number of 6 piles located at the Vesta terminal in the port of Antwerp were selected to be protected against corrosion due to the condition they were in.

To ensure optimal integrity of the piles, K&C DIVING worked out a detailed plan and proposal covering the piles by making use of the innovative STOPAQ Corrosion Preventative materials. K&C Diving is proud partner of the Seal for Life Waterfront Brigade providing exclusive Corrosion preventative and Sealing solutions.

Full and long term Corrosion prevention of the 6 piles required protection both below the waterline as well above the waterline. For the prevention below the waterline the corrosion preventative layer to exist of STOPAQ SZ Wrappingband covered by a tough Moisture Cured PU Wrap. Above the waterline the corrosion prevention is achieved by using the STOPAQ Wrappingband CZ covered by a self-amalgamating crosslinked PE wrap. This crosslinked PE offering a flexible but tough mechanical protective layer and performs extremely well in harsh UV environments.

By making use of a pontoon K&C Diving settled in the terminal at the piles. As a first step, the piles are cleaned according to St2 conditions using a high pressure lance and a nailgun. Sandblasting or other extensive surface pre-treatment is not needed as the STOPAQ materials adhesive characteristic does not depend an mechanical fixation, therefore no anchor pattern is needed.

After the surface treatment, the pipe piles are coated partially above the water surface with the STOPAQ Wrappingband CZ. This visco-elastic material tape does not harden or age and is completely harmless to underwater life and the user. This material will migrate into the substrate it is applied to and fully “wetting” the steel substrate filling even the finest pores due to its Cold Flow characteristics.

Once the piles are partially coated above water with the Stopaq CZ material, divers start with the coating of the underwater part. For application on Submerged objects STOPAQ has developed coating materials which can be applied on wet substrates showing the same high performance corrosion prevention level as the “standard” STOPAQ Coating materials. In this specific application the materials areapplied 1.5m below the water surface up to 0.3m above the surface (20cm overlapping the already present Wrappingband CZ). This sectionis called the "Splash Zone".

Next step in the system installation is the application of an intermediate PVC tape. This flexibel tape is applied with tension whichaccelerates the viscous STOPAQ material to flow into the rough substrate.

As final and extreme Mechanical impact resistant Outerlayer the STOPAQ Outerglass Shield XT is installed. This PU wrap material hardenswhen in contact with water, like a plaster, and can be applied under water.
Once the hardening proces is done, the material becomes the perfect protection for the STOPAQ Corrosion preventative materials underneath.

If you should have project or product-oriented questions regarding the STOPAQ innovative coating & sealing Technology and systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Getting ready for work
Stopaq Products
Getting ready to clean the piles
Cleaning pile
Cleaning pile
Stopaq Wrappingband CZ
Intermediate tape over Stopaq Wrappingband CZ
Apply Outerglass Shield XT over intermediate PVC tape
Applying Outerglass Shield XT
Hardening of the Outerglass Shield XT
Fully coated
Almost done
Full coating system
Fully coated spuds