STOPAQ Corrosion Prevention Horton Sphere Pillars + On-Site Machining

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End Date
Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp, Oil & Gas site
K&C Diving Belgium
Project Type
Port Infrastructure

In this project, Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp gave K&C Diving the task of providing a complete corrosion prevention for 10 Horton Sphere pillars. The base of the supports (which spins around the sphere) also had to be cleaned and coated.

For the corrosion prevention of the base Sealtaq Repair Filler, EasyQote Paste, Basecoat and Topcoat were used. The Repair Filler was used to fill the space between the metal and concrete. After that, EasyQote Paste was used to wrap the metal base. Then we used the EasyQote Basecoat to seal the structure. A topcoat was utilised as extra protection against UV radiation and other factors.

When placing this sphere, OTSA chose to provide "rain caps" with the pillars. These caps, however, had a counterfeit effect. Under the "rain caps" the posts were severely corroded. K&C Diving proposed a plan to remove it by means of "On-Site Machining". By using this new technique, we managed to remove these caps in just 4 days without any spark formation. Therefore this "cold" cutting is an optimal technique for areas with strict safety precautions.

The stairway support posts were next up. This coating was accomplished by the STOPAQ Casing Filler. To do this in a correct way, the STOPAQ compound was preheated to + - 70 ° C for full fluidity. The STOPAQ compound was then used to fill the pipe piles. When the STOPAQ Casing Filler cools again, it will still remain elastic but less viscous. This ensures a complete coating inside the support posts. The grid support was then finished with EasyQote Basecoat, after which the grid was mounted back.

After removing the "rain caps" these affected sections had to be re-coated. The surface was first cleaned by means of an ATEX abrasive device according to ST3 conditions. By using STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH and STOPAQ Outerwrap HSPEX, we guarantee a permanent corrosion prevention for the coated surfaces.

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Trappensteun boven aanzicht
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat + Topcoat
EasyQote Paste + Basecoat + Topcoat
Aantasting van de roostersteun
Volgieten buispalen met STOPAQ Casing Filler voor volledige interne corrosiewering
Afdichten van de vulgaten met Epicol T
Afwerking profiel met EasyQote Basecoat
Afwerking profiel met EasyQote Basecoat
Koud snijwerk dmv On-Site Machining
Zware aantasting van de draagpeilers
STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH
STOPAQ Wrappingband CZH + STOPAQ Outerwrap HSPEX
Corrosion Prevention WIP
Permanente corrosie preventie