Seal For Life

Since the beginning of 2017, K&C Diving became a distributor for all Seal For Life products and member of the "Waterfront Brigade". Seal For Life manufactures and supplies worldwide a broad range of innovative patent defended corrosion prevention solutions. The corrosion prevention and sealant systems actively protect structural objects against the daily risk of corrosion.

With STOPAQ Self Healing Corrosion Prevention, EASYQOTE Unbreakable Self-Adhering Coating Solutions & SEALTAQ Sealant Solutions we guarantee a high-quality solution for your project.

It is always possible to contact Ziggi Bruyndonckx, Michel Van Acker and Karl Bruyndonckx for further project- or product orientated questions.

Seal For Life Industries (Stopaq, EasyCote, Sealtaq,...)
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