Port infrastructure

Underwater and construction work on quay walls, locks, piers, fenders, berths, bollards and other port related facilities.

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Civil Construction

All works in construction pits, waste water installations, pools, waterways, underwater concrete, welding and cutting works on site.

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Dive works on vessels, pontoons and all floating equipment. Hull cleaning, propeller polishing, welding of anodes, repairing of hull damage, clearing rope guards, placement of blanking, and surveys.

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Thanks to our vast experience we can offer you a complete project management or increase the success rate of your project with professional support.

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Salvage Missions

Salvation of ships and all other sunken constructions and items in Europe and West Africa.

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Development and manufacturing of specific tools and equipment what can facilitate underwater operations.

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Coating & Sealing Services

Sustainable renovation of various structures and corrosion prevention works of existing and new constructions. We manage these works with the Stopaq product range of which we became exclusive distributor since 2016.

Rock & Concrete Demolition

Shock and noise reducing technique to demolish concrete constructions and rock formations under and above water by using pyrotechnical cartridges. With an evacuation area of 30m max this is truly groundbreaking demolition material.

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Other activities

  • Diving Services
  • Survey
  • Inspection
  • Underwater Concreting
  • Creating dry space
  • ROV Support
  • Vessel Supply in Ghana
  • Hyperbaric Welding